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CKS knows airport runway safety.

The primary component of runway surface maintenance is friction testing. Our certified and experienced technicians know that it takes more than a simple visual evaluation to determine if a runway has poor friction, structural, or drainage issues.

As with all our services, CKS adheres strictly to FAA regulations for your safety. To that end, we consistently utilize our CFME (Continuous Friction Measurement Equipment) for the measurement, construction, and maintenance of your seal coated runways and taxiways. Our friction testing data is compiled and communicated to you expeditiously so that you can maintain the integrity and safety of the runway as necessary.

Our highly qualified crew begins with an expert analysis and evaluation of your runway maintenance needs and meets all those needs with a quality work product, leaving your runway safe and secure. Our state of the art GT 400 Friction Tester provides unrivaled friction assessment. CKS is committed to your runway safety above all else. Contact us today to find out more! 

Dangers of Decreased Runway Friction 

CKS holds the safety of your crews, passengers, and pilots as paramount. With take-off and landing being the most dangerous parts of airplane travel, the friction of your runway is imperative. The overall safety of the runway, especially landing risk, is impacted by decreased friction, causing loss of aircraft braking capability and directional control. This is even worse when runways are wet.

Airport Runway Friction Improvement

With 25 years of experience in the runway services arena, CKS is familiar with all the elements which reduce the friction of your runway and how to address those issues. Weathering, usage, age, and contaminants all play a role in decreasing the friction of the runway. Buildup of contaminants is the main culprit of friction impairment. Those elements affect the surface of your runway and include:

  • Rubber
  • Oils, fuels, jet blasts
  • Dirt, debris, grime
  • Mold/mildew
  • Loose or flaky materials
  • Chemicals 
  • Heavy loads or infrequent use

CKS Runway Services works for you to test the overall friction of your runway and then to address the issues which have reduced your friction. We excel in runway cleaning and maintenance, as well as surface preparation for new painting and marking, all of which can increase the safety and integrity of your runway.

Specialized Rubber Removal Process

Not only does CKS Runway Services provide you with the friction testing, if it’s determined that you have a friction problem on your runway, we can fix the problem for you! CKS addresses the number one offender in friction reduction: rubber. 

Our low impact rubber removal process consists of utilizing Aerocleen Green detergent and a combination of water, volume, low pressure and vehicle speed, adjusted to accommodate the condition of any pavement. The way it works: first is the application of the environmentally friendly Aerocleen Green solution which penetrates and swells the rubber quickly. Our expert team then follows with a low pressure hydro mower and agitates the application area with water. This creates biodegradable dark water, which is then easily rinsed from the runway with the CKS water truck. After the rubber removal process is complete, there should be no visible signs of residue on the runway edge, thereby greatly increasing the friction and safety of your runway.

CKS Runway Services is a one stop shop. Your runway friction testing, cleaning and maintenance, rubber removal, and painting/marking can all be accomplished with one simple click or call. Get CKS Runway Services working on your runway today! 

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