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CKS knows the safety of your runways are of utmost importance. Our experienced team utilizes an unrivaled dual method of removing rubber deposits with chemical and water blasting processes. CKS provides you safe runways in a time-sensitive and environmentally friendly way with our highly trained staff and specialized equipment. These work in tandem to produce unparalleled quality runway rubber removal. This process has been honed by CKS for over 25 years at over 50 airports and proven as a very safe and effective process by both military and civilian airport facilities. Our tried and true process can be working on your runway today and is just a click or call away!

Come to CKS to give you the highest quality runway rubber removal process. CKS stands proudly behind our process:

  • Highest quality work and equipment
  • Safe for the environment, pavement, and airline equipment 
  • Unrivaled production rate 
  • FAA compliant and excellent safety record
  • Speed without sacrificing quality

Chemical Process

With the extreme force and friction your runways endure surface rubber deposits build up, leaving your runways without the friction necessary for build speed on take-off and stop on landing. CKS has perfected the remedy for these dangerous conditions with a highly effective chemical process combined with water blasting. 

The chemical process comes first, pretreating the runway with Aerocleen Green, a cleaning solution designed specifically for rubber removal. It’s environmentally-safe, biodegradable, will not damage the pavement or any airline equipment, and meets all FAA regulations. Aerocleen Green works to dissolve the rubber build up, turning it into biodegradable dark water, and then our expert team follows with modern and efficient equipment: our hydro mower.

CKS Runway Services knows rubber removal well. With 25 years of experience, top of the line equipment, and a team with superior skills and expertise, we promise you’ll be more than satisfied with our runway rubber removal services. Contact us to get your services started today!


CKS’ powerful hydro mower blasts the rubber build up and vacuums the wastewater, leaving your runways sparkling and safe. Our equipment cleans between 20,000 and 25,000 square feet an hour, providing a top quality and expedient process. The trucks cover a 6-foot-wide path, ensuring you will have the least disruptive runway cleaning experience.

Our equipment is specially selected and is the best in the field of rubber removal. All our equipment undergoes routine maintenance and a full checklist to ensure full working capability. CKS values your time and we avoid costly hang-ups by keeping our machines running smoothly and efficiently. 

The CKS Runways Services team is experienced and proficient in runway rubber removal. Rubber removal usually will require us to mobilize three team members in order to complete your runway rubber removal in an expedient. One team member operates the high pressure washing system, another runs the water truck and the last team member facilitates communication, supervises, re-fuels the equipment as needed, and relays escort needs to the tower. CKS guarantees our work and to that end, our Project Manager is on-site, providing quality assurance and overseeing our services to ensure you receive our usual unparalleled quality. All of our policies and procedures work together to provide you with top of the line service, safety, and timely completion of your runway.

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CKS Runway Services has had the pleasure of servicing airfields all over this great nation for the past 25 years. We appreciate the opportunity of providing both military and commercial airfields with safe, reliable, high quality products and services.

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