Airfield Markings, Rubber and Paint Removal


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CKS Runway Services is there when you need us, where you need us, on time, on budget, and done right! With 25 years of experience in the airfield industry, our mission is to exceed your project expectations.


Exceeding Expectations

At CKS, we have one mission which is to exceed your expectations. Our experienced team accomplishes this goal with a few simple and effective philosophies:

  • Customer experience/satisfaction is paramount to our success
  • Timely performance and scheduling; we are there when you need us
  • Quality means perfect services and products to save everyone time and money
  • Building long term client relationships through communication and trust
  • Knowledge and experience are key and our staff is our strength
  • Maintaining a company history with 25 years of satisfied clients
  • Safety comes first in our operations, products, and services
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Airport Runway Maintenance - Airfield Markings, Rubber and Paint Removal

Our reputation is built upon safety, reliability, and quality.

CKS takes providing you with dependable, expedient services very seriously and our customer satisfaction is second to none. Experience this for yourself and contact CKS today for all your runway needs!

Safety First

The safety of your runways is of paramount importance to CKS Runway Services. With so many people moving through airports, we know your runways need to be specially maintained and the markings perfectly visible. To that end, our staff is highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, and vastly experienced. With over 25 years of experience, our CKS staff is here to provide you unrivaled quality of runway cleaning and marking, keeping your runways safe. 

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CKS Serves both military and civilian air strips.

Reliability & Quality

You can count on CKS to get the job done right the first time! We also understand the inconvenience and cost of disruption to your normal program. Our goal at CKS is to have your normal operations up and running as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality cleaning. Our qualified and experienced runway technicians are pros at cleaning and marking efficiently and effectively. 

CKS Runway Services guarantees:

  • Removal of surface contaminants and protection against exposure and deterioration
  • Expert maintenance of asphalt, concrete, paint surfaces
  • Crews with superior skills and over 25 years of experience in the runway cleaning field
  • Top of the line equipment to expedite the process and get you back to normal operations
  • A focus on safety of the runway for your crews, pilots, and passengers

With CKS, you can rest assured your runway will be impeccably maintained and painted with precision, all with safety at the forefront of our services, and expedient efficiency guaranteed. 

CKS Runway Services is a one stop shop. Your runway friction testing, cleaning and maintenance, rubber removal, and painting/marking can all be accomplished with one simple click or call. Get CKS Runway Services working on your runway today!

CKS Principals


CKS Runway Services has had the pleasure of servicing airfields all over this great nation for the past 25 years. We appreciate the opportunity of providing both military and commercial airfields with safe, reliable, high quality products and services.

CKS is customer focused and we look forward to be of service.