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Runway Rubber Removal Service

Highly visible and crisp markings are an imperative element of runway safety and functioning. Whether you need paint rejuvenation due to deterioration or complete repainting for a new traffic course, CKS is the service for you! CKS specializes in paint removal, resulting in new long-lasting runway markings. CKS has a proven method, streamlined to guarantee a higher degree of airport safety with the shortest amount of closure time. 

CKS Specializes in Runway Rejuvenation

Surface Assessment and Preparation

Our surface preparation quality and experience is second to none. CKS runway maintenance technicians are experts in the field and are well versed with the many factors that impact paint removal which may include:

  • age of the paint 
  • varieties of paints used previously
  • Improper application
  • Build up of rubber, paint, mildew, mold

We perform a full assessment of your runway and determine the most effective approach for your specific situation, leaving you with little to no evidence of your old paint lines. Just like the removal process, we know that repainting can be affected by a variety of similar components. The CKS team plans for every situation which may deter future surface adhesion including improper application, incorrect markings, contaminants, or excess build up of paint, rubber, mildew, or mold.

Thus leave you in the best position possible with a completely blank slate, to repaint lines or leave without new runway paint lines if you’re repositioning your runway.

Runway Paint Removal Process

We have state of the art paint removal technology designed specifically to remove existing layers of build up on your runways. Hydroblasters come in first, quickly removing buildups on the runway.

At CKS Runway Services, our runway maintenance technicians analyze your project to ascertain the correct nozzles, volume, and pressure for your particular surface to get the job done. Next the shot blasters work to strip and clean the area, eliminating dust and contaminants. Our exceptional vacuuming system removes the left behind wastewater and contaminants.

We utilize state of the art equipment which is built for efficiency and speed. Our hydroblasters can spray several feet at once, if needed, to expedite the process.

Similarly, our shot blasters can clear several feet simultaneously. Once the hydroblasters and shot blasters work their magic, you’re left with a marking-free, clean surface in no time.

Next Steps

Better yet, CKS can also create new reflective paint markings of the highest quality! We use highly skilled surveyors to ensure straight and accurate line demarcation. CKS Runway Services knows the safety and efficiency of your airport depends on the clear markings of the runway, so your pilots and crew know exactly how to proceed. A new flow pattern can create hang ups and delays, besides being a safety hazard. Our high quality painting and striping team and equipement leave you with clear, crisp new lines to mark your runway. Creating safety and visibility are our goals, and to that end, we ensure your pilots and crew know exactly where the new runways lines are drawn. CKS gets your airports up and running safely in no time!

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