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Home sweet home! Mississippi is  a place we hold near and dear to our hearts, as it is CKS Runway Services’ home base. CKS started in 1992 as a runway maintenance business offering runway cleaning, paint removal, and friction testing services in Mississippi. We quickly went nationwide, carrying our services across the United States. After expanding our pavement maintenance plan to include paint striping in 2007, CKS became a full-service runway maintenance provider. After 25 years in business, we’re proud to say we now serve a variety of clients around the world and bring state-of-the-art equipment and dedicated personnel to each airport and runway we service.

What runway services do we provide? Excellent question! We have expanded services to cover almost every runway avenue of need a commercial or military airfield may come across. Our services include:

  • Airport/Airfield Painting Marking & Striping
  • Airport/Airfield Runway Rubber Removal
  • Airport/Airfield Runway Paint Removal
  • Airport/Airfield Runway/Taxiway Cleaning 
  • Runway Friction Testing
  • Airport Compliance and Maintenance Program Consulting 
  • Surveyor Services
  • Joint Sealing
  • ThermoPlastic Markings

We are a Mississippi Company

Mississippi Runway Safety

Based on our extensive experience, we have noticed two of the most important runway services are painting/striping and rubber removal. Both are imperative for the safety and overall functioning of an airfield runway. 

Runway painting is one of the most crucial maintenance needs at an airport. Our FAA certified staff and equipment exceeds all expectations and CKS uses the most current research to guide our specifications when performing runway painting. Our commitment to FAA compliance is second to none. Our top priority at CKS is top quality work and materials and timeliness for you, our valued clients. We provide all runway painting needs and can also focus on temporarily displaced thresholds, ramps, aprons, and gates. 

Our professional CKS team works tirelessly to ensure your temporary displaced thresholds are done as quickly as possible with the least disruption to your business. CKS expert technicians remove existing markings so they are no longer visible and ensure the new thresholds are highly recognizable. Additionally, our top goal is to keep your operations running smoothly while we create highly visible ramps, aprons, and gates for the safety of your crew, pilots, and passengers.

Rubber removal is another important element for airport runways. CKS provides you safe runways in a time-sensitive and environmentally friendly way with our highly trained staff and specialized equipment. These work in tandem to produce unparalleled quality runway rubber removal. This process has been honed by CKS for over 25 years at over 50 airports and proven as a very safe and effective process by both military and civilian airport facilities.

Mississippi Airport Services

With many airports in Mississippi who utilize our services, Mississippians can travel in peace, knowing you are in the best hands in the runway maintenance industry. 

In addition to commercial airports, we proudly serve Mississippi military airfields:

Columbus Air Force Base

Columbus, MS

Keesler Air Force Base

Biloxi, MS

Join our extensive network today and rest assured that your runways are safe, secure, and the best maintained in the business. Reach out to CKS Runway Services; we look forward to serving you! 

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CKS Runway Services has had the pleasure of servicing airfields all over this great nation for the past 25 years. We appreciate the opportunity of providing both military and commercial airfields with safe, reliable, high quality products and services.

CKS is customer focused and we look forward to be of service.